Lizard Island Weather

Lizard Island temperatures are pleasantly consistent. Due to the humidity, the island almost always feels warm. However the hottest months in the region lie between December and February, sitting around 32 degrees Celsius. The nights remain warm too at around 25 degrees Celcius.

Average Monthly Maximum Temperature

Av Max°C323131302726252728303132
Av Max°F908888868079778082868890

The driest climate is enjoyed in September, August and October and on average early September records no days of precipitation.

Lizard Island reports above average humidity across the year, hitting its peak in February with an average level of 74.5%.

If you're hoping to avoid the wind (Lizard Island tends to have stronger wind than other places on average), July, May and June may not be the months for you.

Best Time to Visit Lizard Island

Lizard Island is busiest in July, September and May. Thanks to the islands population cap (just 83 guests are permitted on the island at a time), visitors should avoid any crowds. However, if you wish to guarantee a booking or are hoping for even smaller tourist numbers, it would be advised to avoid these months. December is the quietest time on the island and likely to be the least expensive.

Best Time to Scuba Dive from Lizard Island

Fortunately, the Great Barrier Reef enjoys remarkable visibility all year round. At its peak, divers will experience the least rain and wind between August and December. Those hoping to spot hammerhead sharks and manta rays will try and visit between April and September while minke whales can be seen through June and July. Coral spawning also occurs between October and November, so this can also be a great time to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

The best thing about Lizard Island's remarkable tropical climate is the consistent warm temperatures. This means that if you don't have a preference in terms of spotting certain animals or avoiding crowds, Lizard Island and the Great Barrier Reef will be waiting for you all year round.