Lizard Island

Anchor Bay Beach On Lizard IslandBook Accommodation with TravelOnlineLizard Island is a truly unique destination. This tranquil Queensland Island is at the heart of the spectacular Great Barrier Reef and boasts its own beautiful fringing reefs and 24 powdery white beaches. Fly over the luminous waters of the Great Barrier Reef to access this remote paradise.

Set foot onto the 1,013 hectare National Park and experience vast expanses of unspoilt landscape and days of private adventure. With less than 100 guests permitted on the island at any one time, visitors are assured of an intimate experience in this other worldly tropical nirvana.


Lizard Island offers a selection of elegant holiday accommodation, including open plan villas and rooms that cater to all styles of travel. Driving an eco-tourism initiative, Lizard Island accommodation is committed to supporting and protecting the natural environment in which it sits. This means challenging existing ideas of island tourism and innovating for greener, more sustainable operations in everything from energy and food sourcing to waste management and packaging. Those seeking a remarkable island escape should look no further than Lizard Island - book accommodation & packages with TravelOnline.

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Renowned for its scuba diving and snorkelling, Lizard Island is surrounded by spectacular coral reefs, ribbon and lagoon reefs. What distinguishes Lizard Island from many other reef islands is its close proximity to Cod Hole, the best-known diving location in the Great Barrier Reef, where divers often come face to face with a massive yet curious Potato Cod. On shore, discover secluded, pristine beaches by foot or motorised dinghy with a gourmet picnic just for two. Other activities on Lizard Island include game fishing, bushwalking, sailing, glass bottom boat trips or treatments in the luxurious island spa.


Enjoy a year-round tropical climate as Lizard Island boasts sultry temperatures between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the fine weather, Lizard Island is the ideal island escape, even amidst the depths of winter.

Remember to consult the weather forecast closer to your trip as temperatures can fluctuate and you may need to adjust your packing list.


Over 200km from Cairns, Lizard Island is everything you're looking for in an island paradise. The Lizard Island private charter departs regularly but please remember to book in advance. Click here for our Lizard Island map and more information on how to get to Lizard Island.


Lizard Island is in fact named after the many lizards that call the land mass home. When Captain Cook passed through in 1770, he remarked, "The only land Animals we saw here were Lizards, and these seemed to be pretty plenty, which occasioned my naming the island Lizard Island".

The island hosts the world-renowned Lizard Island Research Station, a subsidy of the Australian Museum. Operating as the primary Great Barrier Reef research facility, it has produced more than 1,200 scientific publications since it's inauguration in 1973.